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Magical Monaco

On the 11th of January the Forum gathered for its first meeting after the Christmas break.  Members stood for a moments silence in memory of member Gordon Wilson who died during the break.

The guest speaker was Graham Read, a professional motorsport and motoring writer, whose talk was titled Magical Monaco subtitled From the Royal Family to the Grand Prix.

He began with a short history of the Principality which was established in 1297 when Francois Grimaldi led a conquest of the area.  The famous casino was established in 1861 when Monaco took the form we recognise today.  After a mention of the Monte Carlo Rally Graham devoted the rest of his talk to the Monaco Grand Prix which dates back to a race established in 1929 although it was not included in the Formula 1 World Championship until 1955.

Graham featured many well-known names such as Ayrton Senna and Graham Hill and described some of the incidents and accidents from across the years.  He completed his talk with a video of a circuit of the course taken by an on-car camera.

Mike Earle thanked Graham Read for a very enjoyable talk.