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The Amusing Side of Traffic Law

On a cold and snowy 9th of November 31 members struggled through to the Church Centre for the Forum weekly meeting.  After Chairman Mike Earle had told his weekly joke Speaker Finder John Spinner introduced our guest speaker Philip Solity.

Until his recent retirement Philip was legal adviser to a magistrates’ court where his duties involved guiding the magistrates in their interpretation of the law and ensuring that defendants were aware of their rights.  His talk was titled The Amusing Side of Traffic Law.  After explaining the methods that the courts use to decide on the penalties for various motoring offences Philip quizzed the Forum members on their knowledge of traffic laws, a test that they performed surprisingly well at.  We learnt the intricacies of the regulations applied to breathalysers and speed cameras before Philip finished with a number of amusing anecdotes relating to motoring cases in the magistrates court.  Mike Earle proposed a vote of thanks before the members departed to find that it was still snowing.