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Rex Stott – Magic Mirth and Mystery

On the 7th of January 2015 the Forum re-gathered after its winter break and we started our meeting by standing in silent tribute to one of our members, Paul Lerch, who had sadly died during the Christmas break.

Duncan Verity then introduced our guest speaker Rex Stott who had spent his career in education but whose interests now centred on British Music Hall, music and sport and he is a member of the Hull and York Magic Circles.

His talk was titled “Magic, Mirth and Mystery” in which he described his childhood in Birstall.  When a young boy he received a Rupert the Bear annual which included how to make a paper boat and this gave him an interest in origami which expanded to include magic tricks.  Along with his younger brother they devised a magic act which toured the Church Hall circuit in his home area and the Forum members were treated to a selection of his tricks, some of which he explained.  Although he abandoned magic during his working life he has recently renewed his interest principally for the benefit of his grandchildren and great grandchildren.

Geoff Curd proposed a vote of thanks for a thoroughly entertaining presentation.